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Tarot cards are an amazing tool for predicting the future, but more importantly and often overlooked, they can predict how you'll feel in the future.

  • If you place your order & I am unable to meet the time frame in your listing, I will let you know ASAP and offer a refund or priority as soon as I am available. If you order outside of shop hours, your reading will receive priority when the shop re-opens. 
  • Check your individual listing to see when your reading will be ready. My readings include pictures and incredibly detailed descriptions of what each card represents, plus combinations and things that stand out to me. I take detailed notes during each reading which I then format & type them up, making them beautiful & easy to comprehend.
  • Full readings are usually several pages long, and they take time to create. The length of your reading plays a large role in how long it takes me to respond. A short and sweet answer doesn't take much time to type up, whereas a more complex question will require a longer reading, more cards, and more time.

I combine my skills as a life coach with decades of tarot experience to deliver readings that not only resonate but also provide actionable advice for dealing with your situation.

Sample Reading:

This is just a quick example of how I format my readings, so that you have an idea of what to expect if you order from me. I take time & care to provide you a reading that is both visually appealing & offers coherent advice in your current situation.

If I've preformed a reading for you, please leave a review! This helps me improve, as well as build trust with the community. 

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