I'm Lisa, owner of Tiny Cat Tarot. I'm an Intuitive Psychic and Certified Tarot Life Coach. I've been passionate about the Tarot since my early teens (over 25 years!). Throughout my lifetime the cards have provided me with love, guidance, and support. Tarot can predict events & help gain a new perspective on unfolding situations. Let me help you, using my years of divination experience!

My readings are always non-judgmental & confidential. All are welcome, I'm happy to honor your preferred pronouns. I tell it as I see it, like it or not. I do my best to offer solutions but I cannot make you take my advice. If you aren't interested in truth, I may not be your reader.

I'm willing to read on most topics, but I am not qualified to replace professional advice on any topic. If I feel that your situation is beyond me or that you should seek professional advice I will say so, and we can decide how to proceed. I will not read or advise on any situation where I feel someone's free will or well-being is at stake.


Please don't come to me to make a specific person realize they're your Twin Flame or with intent to cause harm to anyone.